values from The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

after read Mark Manson’s book; it’s appeared that this seem fits on ACT more than I ever think.

He (Manson) say about values and metrics (something to measure how successful you are), compare to Harris, values and goals, quite near the same thing.

noticeable that some parts of Harris values intended on persistent and self-developed
by the ways Manson said about some values that you should not use.


this one is the worse value to take with, by the Manson’s term. when you use pleasure as value on your live you will avoid pain and this is most horrible. pain meant something for sure and almost represent “Truth”. so avoid pain is same as avoid truth in life.

Material Success

this is also the wrong ideas of success, material come as mean for some ends, but not the end in itself. you want a car for something. by itself car is a vehicle, when you put status, or some values in it that mean you put your values in middle of something.

Always being right

when you are already right, that mean you miss some (big) opportunity to improve, same as Harris, this mean you lack some most chance to get better all the time. moreover when you’re always right it’s most annoying to everyone around you.

Stay positive

normally this one is same as look for pleasure or happiness all the time. ones whom only put themselves only in sunnyside meant they hardly accept the painful truth; and by the way, avoid confront on what they should stand for.

Best value?

for Manson this is the values he thought they’re most important:

You are the one that choose your response/ it’s your responsibility to translate everything to happen in your live, and change it’s in the way you can with all your might. in case you didn’t it meant you already make choice to take responsibility for what you didn’t did

he separated the responsible cases in to
1. The Responsibility/Fault Fallacy
2. Responding to Tragedy
3. Genetics and the Hand We’re Dealt
4. Victimhood Chic

in short he said about there were no innocents or victims only whom play the victimhood mindsets. they were some ways to dealt with anything in live, and even you cannot, there were some interpretation that you can do to make something for nothing and prevent that to happen again.

So after read all of this my conclusion for values:
1. self improvement
2. responsibility