On the going by looking back

I know many feel hate to accept what microsoft or apple did for long.

for me, I’m ok with thier works.

Everyone need to survive, and most of things they did be called human selection.

For long period, it has been proved that microsoft concept about long compatible was the double edge sword.

In one side, you can make sure of compatible of software since DOS.

on other side; bigger code, running slow, and may cause many failure.

And many of us accept user friendly, or better friendly than older version OSes.

For apple, before mac book came out, can you remember how ugly notebook were?

and remember how can you detect that the adapter is plug to power source yet?

after macbook pro every notebook come with slot with light. hah.

and cover flow, how great it is, so all other preview method look like an old fashion compare to that.

now it has applied on itunes, safari and many of apple applications, how meant.

I never think about what good or bad, but all come as the all go. So I can switch from on OS to another as will.

Switch from one hardware to other, if I feel at ease.

May be I have no loyalty, or may be I’m flexible?