Ubuntu 9.04 experienced with my Fujitsu P 1030

I love this notebook, still love. but its lack of upgradable, too slow, limited of memory (128 – 16 MB) always make me sick of it.

normally it came with Windows XP home custom edition but still too lack to do many things for me at that time (7 years ago or more than that)

so I installed Windows XP Pro and customized it as best as I can, but it’s slowness always make me sick also.

Once, installed Windows 98: it’s going well but only the problems that Windows 98 cannot support best on more than 2 language systems, that I needed on that time.

So need to switch back to XP again.

Yesterday I tried to installed Ubuntu 9.04 to that PC; it’s work ok but too slow. slower than Windows XP; and that’s the worst of all.

as now I have 2 solutions; try other distros: like puppy linux or tinyme, or configuring this ubuntu.

For me now I think about trying HP mie, I just wanna know how fast of the out of the box solution can this machine be, before configuration.

Wish it works well…