page revelations

Page Of Cups

She rejoices in her cup – it represents her intuition of which she holds dear

She dives deeper into the ocean floor unaware of the dangers around her. She doesn’t sense them as she is careless and blind folded

The golden princess or Page of cups embodies the exploration and study of the cup. Here she raises it high as her vessel not only for containment of her emotions but also a medium of which she will learn to explore her empathic abilities.
She is the student of the cup.
The two ornate fishes, which circle her, are her familiars – the Piscean pair. They heighten her awareness on an intuitive level.

The reversed side Page dives blindly to the bottom of the ocean floor, proving her skills and intuitive gifts. However she fails to “see” the dangers of the tentacles around her prize, which will keep her down forever.
Her brashness nature and heavy influence of her emotions will cause her more hurt than good.

Colour: gold and purple – royal colours

Page Of Pentacles

She is fixated by the pentacle as she sees it and through it.

She is done with the pentacle as she begins to disassemble it – only to reassemble it again.

All around the Page things are in flux and in movement towards the formation of something. The background plays towards the concept of bringing things together. In this case it is through the focus and magic of the Page as she wills all around her to do her bidding.

The background shows a dense forest of autumn trees which has lost their leaves. The idea of wilderness and wild plays on the theme of unorthodox, as the Page pulls apart the pentacle with ease indicating a complacency with the object.

Colour: gold and purple – colour of royalty

Page Of Swords

She is a shrewd lady who wields her sword in a protective manner. She keeps caution from others by hiding behind her words.

She is a spiteful lady who disturbs the peace true lies and malicious gossip. She whispers in the winds seeds of doubt.

The Page is drawn as a cautious individual. She looks firm and defiant in here pose and threatening with her sword. She represents caution and cunning. She would be bright and knowledgeable, agile with her mind.

The reversed Page is drawn from the idea of Chinese whispers. After a message is passed from person to another as a whisper, often the truth becomes distorted.

Colour: purple and green – colour of royalty and of envy

Page Of Wands

She has just discovered her inner powers of creation as she channels to bring to life the illusion of a dragon

She tries in vain to channel her energy to bring fourth anything to fruition. Her frustration and self-imposed strain has blocked the flow within her

The upside Page has discovered her ability to conjure. The ethereal dragon marks the birth of her powers. She reflects the beginning of lessons and training, which one has to take to fully comprehend and control their inner energy.

The reversed side Page is unable to channel her powers as she is trying too hard. Her frustration only compounds the situation and creates a further block. The card warns of taking slower steps and allowing the energy to flow outwards naturally.

Colour: red and purple – colours of raw energy and royalty’,