knight revelations

Knight Of Cups

He is a sensitive gentle soul and a dreamer. A hopeless romantic who awaits for love.

He is removed from his emotions. He turns a blind eye towards them and remains despondent and aloof.

The knight carries with him an ornate cup, which represents the ideal of the holy grail. The cup he holds close to him as it contains what he deems as precious to his life, his emotions and feelings. He uses them wisely and carefully.
He looks into the cup as his guide. His movement is through the interpretations of his emotions and where they will take him.

The reverse side knight barely holds onto his cup. It is of no importance to him. His arms are crossed for his he refuses to budge or to take responsibility for neither his emotions nor his feelings.

Colour: gold and red – colours for a coat of arms and of movement

Knight Of Pentacles

He is determined to work to reach his goals. His focus drives him only to work hard and to ride his ambitions to fruition

He finds it hard to carry on his journey. All the hard work and trudging has driven his energies low and he looses confidence in himself. He holds on to his goals but his energies are low.

The large knight sits on his equally robust horse. The two of them an image of strength and stability. The firm determination in his eyes reflects his unwavering focus on his goals.
The background lies city for his taking and a large pillar of support.

The reversed knight is having a moment to collect himself. He grieves from his tired efforts. His horse turns away and moves on even if he still has no direction or control over it.
The background only shows of faded shapes reflecting the lack of focus. The pattern on the pillar behind him breaks apart slowly.

Colour: gold and red – colour of the coat of arms and movement

Knight Of Swords

He confidently flies across the sky wielding his sword brashly against the wind. He knows of no fear and lives life to the fullest

He is reckless with his life and of others. He doesn’t care for anything and seeks excitement and enjoyment at any cost

Both images play on the theme of riding a winged stallion – the metaphor of expressive thought or ideas which is required to be controlled or conquered in order to achieve this goal.
The knight has no fear on either side of falling off the creature. He is in command of the element of wind and air, knowing no boundaries and expresses a freedom and ease of traveling through it.

The reverse side shows a wilder stallion taking the knight for a ride. The knight does not care for taming the creature but rides on it recklessly – the metaphor for being unable to use knowledge or the mind without causing injury to himself.

Colour: gold and red – colours of the coat of arms

Knight Of Wands

He smolders of energy. He rides his dragon with confidence and daring

He is not sure of his direction. He cannot be trusted to save his own life much less of others

The Knight is sure of himself. His confidence is contagious; his charisma burns underneath his armor.
He rides the dragon as if it was an extension of him. The dragon symbolizing the embodiment of the raw powers of creation and of wisdom. The control his has over the dragon also plays towards the metaphor of being command of the direction of his life, having firm leadership and being in awe of those around him.

The reversed side dragon turns away from the knight. The Knight has lost control over his ride and holds on uncertainty. This metaphor plays towards to loss of control over projects, life and self.

Colour: red and gold – colours the coat of arms and royalty