Paradigm Shift

While I was trainer at “Advanced Training Center”.
(Well you don't know it?
OK, it was a training center of “Advanced Info Service”


You still don't know Advanced Info Service?

OK it's AIS

In class for trainers, there was a class name ” How to think different”.

One good example said about a woman drove on a car with very impolite behave;

When she passed by you she shouted at you “Cow”.

And then you shouted her back “Pig”.

How dare she called me “Cow”.

Guess what happened next?

Your car crashed on the cow.

Many times we ignore on many sign that it's on the time that we should think different.

On holding with old paradigm, believing and understanding holds everything back.

Wish to write on about ideas that I got from the book that I had read

Now reading on “The starfish and the spider”, so next time I thought of writing that.

To be cont'd