plan for universal access engineer

short conclusion, I planned to be accessible engineer for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, eldercare, for universal access design with automation, support for elder and handicapped.

for who that interesting in this kind of work, or what it is; I will introduce you to the word “Universal Access Design” and “Accessible Engineer.”

What is Universal Access Design

Universal Access Design is the Philosophy of both architect and engineering that mind the possible way of persons that will use that utilities and infrastructures. eg., children, elders, handicappers, normal adults to use the same utilities.

the stairs that design for wheelchair, elders, children and in the same time make normal walk not so difficult.

Accessible Engineer, Universal Design Support.

most of the design itself comes from architecture design to make the experiences. sometimes many building and utilities need to retrofit for the universal access; so the accessible engineer/support come in help.

what kind of help possible?

this may just example; wheelchair lift, automated alarms, oxygen check, temperature tricker, water flow control.