problems solver

to solve the problems;

firstly you need to detect the problems

secondly calmly identifies the ability and potential of your own selves

thirdly make the problems more delightful, put it in some sub problems

fourthly put some categories for each all sub problems

fifthly solve some before hands, part that you think it’s most prioritizes

:; meanwhile find the ways to solve some after hands

some problems that can be solved by times should be just observed, you may need to patience, or sometimes give a lot of; but it needs

do as loop till all gone, or if not let some slip off.

last and may not least; you need a lot of trying to understanding all along the ways, at least try to be consumed by the problems yourself.

use least of emotion but full of rational.

wish you have Luck (Labor Under Correct Knowledge) to solve all that.,,,,


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