as i feel beforehand, every feel weird in proposition, but after look closely now i found some rational in that.

do you ever feel that some persons always make some irressible actions that make you feel they are dumb? some bad temper that you don’t know why? and some unproperred horny that you feel disgust? this is my own of theory that may describe some.

everyone need love and respect; both are all foundation of good relationship of all. but you will see some people actions, words or even dialogues, i cannot suppose by far on thinking or mind penetrating; but on what i see; they lack properred self careness, selfesteem, self respect, and self lovingness.

when some people lack most of that they try to seek all of that from others.
one whom lack of self respect try to make themselves more supreme in such ways; whom that lack of self loving shown on lack of mercy, whom that lack of interlect try to brand others as dumb or stupid. thus that all i can see as it been shown before my eyes.

me? i lack most that all, and for me to fulfill that’s all; i try first hand by gave some of my least possible effort respect, love, merciness, and selfdiscipline to show to others. and try eagerly to increase and accumulate to show all of that a little bit more.

in the end, i wish i can fulfill all of that of my veryself; but as i already know; my self serving bias is unlimited. i have to try hard to balance that both.

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