queen revelations

Queen Of Cups

Her eyes are closed for she sees all within her cup. She is the sensual lover, the alluring fantasy, and the mermaid that haunts the dreams of many. She embodies the magical fantasy which fulfils desires.

She is a temptress. She pulls on emotional strings. She dances and dazzles with her magic and charms with her flirtatious promises of happiness.

The queen sits on a coral thrown illuminated by lights from the ocean. She doesn’t need light to see her way for she has her cup which she uses to guide her to a better understanding. She rules over the emotions of the heart.
She’s gentle and sensual, cares only for love and happiness of others.
She is surrounded by unconventional and natural beauty.
Her eyes are not opened for her powers extend beyond the mind’s eye. She can see all from channeling through her cup.

She is the seductress with eight tentacles. She represents the woman who enjoys the pleasures of love only for herself. She dwells on extreme feelings and will not fear unleashing her tendrils when overreacting.

Colour: gold and green – royalty and the colour of healing and nature.

Queen Of Pentacles

She is a warm hearted woman surrounded by luxury and wealth. She gives from her wholesome heart for the pleasures of the body

She is wild like the wind and cares for nothing but herself. Everything is about her, for her and to be done by her.

The queen here is like the lesser version of the empress. She too has the world at her grasp as she is one with nature and at one with all those around her. Her gentle and trusting gaze shows the kindness in her heart.
She is flanked by two pillars of support and crowned by a throne of roses reflecting her caring nature and natural beauty.

The reversed queen is moved by the wind. Much like her, it is a force of nature which can cause destruction as it travels through the lives of many. She consumes for pleasure and her own enjoyment.
She is barely covered indicating the ease she has within herself of her own body and the ease which others may have to it too.

Colour: gold and green – the colour of royalty and of healing and nature

Queen Of Swords

She stunning, charming and cool. Her head rules over her heart as she prides herself in her logic and mental abilities

She is troubled by the conflicts of her mind. She experiences sorrow in the deepest form – the anguish that plays over and over in her mindscape

The queen, similar to the king is a winged creature upon a heavenly throne. Metaphorically the wings represent a higher level of consciousness, which she has reached.
The upside queen has a firm cold look on her face for she embodies logic. For her, stimulation comes from he mind, not from the pleasures of the body.
The reversed side queen is distraught as she suffers from mental anguish. For the queen, who prides herself on her command over the matters of the mind, the anguish and sorrow she suffers in an indication of her own personal failure.

Colour: gold and green – royalty and the colour of healing and nature’

Queen Of Wands

She is a caring woman who looks out for others and provides for all

She is deviant, and tantalizing. She indulges in her own fantasies and plays out others for her own gains

The dragon and lion on her throne are symbols of the wisdom and loyalty associated with the creatures.
Behind her, a sunflower crowns her, symbolizing the ever providing gift of the sun.
On her lap sits a white cat is her familiar. It protects her like the Lion to the lady of Strength. The white represents the purity of her power and her selflessness.

Two male slaves flank the reversed side queen. They represent her insatiable lust over the body and forewarns of unfaithfulness, affairs and of sexual indulgence.
The weary eye of the dragon, which crowns her, reflects on her untrusting nature, which may lead to extreme jealously and deceitfulness.

Colour: gold and green – royalty and the colour of healing and nature