review for eldercare – score describe

as I promised, I review each of my customers: eldercare for free.

this review as technical workers and universal access design engineer, not as customers; some experiences may not so direct.

how I put the score?

Universal Access Design: 20 points.

Location – Ease of transportation: 20 points.

Other medical support: 20 points.

Parking space: 20 points.

Recreation areas: 20 points

So all sum up 100 points.

Universal Access Design 20 points:

this will separate in to;

Facility Accessible 10 points

Parking for wheelchair/ hospital bed wheel 10 points

Location 20 points:

how far from mass transportation 10 points

other food shops/ retails for visitors

Other medical support 20 points:

hospital/ clinical support in areas/hospital/clinical support contract 10 points.

amount of medical staffs per patients 10 points.

Parking space 20 points:

how many parking areas 10 points.

how you access the faculty after parking 10 points.

Recreation areas 20 points:

for the patients 10 points.

for visitors 10 points.

Why I care about visitors?

if visitors can access the eldercare easier, that means more frequent they come; if not you can guess how frequent of all people will come at eldercare. the elders there need care and frequent visit; not just good nutrient and medical care.

in case you think I distribute the score not good enough, please let me know on where you read it. you can dm or line to me.

Thank heap.