review try to move to one usb c adapter for daily use

I have 3 devices that need to charge time by time, 1 macbook 2011, 1 lenovo g405s, 1 mi 9 se phone.

so many time I need to bring and check which adapter I pick with me.

gladly, I found solutions, and with some coincidence, some of my beloved friends need that adapter, so I dedicated that adapter to them. for now the solution.

usb 100 w from honor

sadly this can only use with mobile phone, not the macbook or my g405s

good point it still can use with my other devices

my daily devices from left to right, laser distance measurement, bunch of many usb cables, power bank that both laser meter and power bank use micro usb.
I bought this adapter for my macbook 2011 , and g405s notebook.

it can charge both macbook2011 and g405s with adapters, so this may be some good solution for person that need charger, and still want to eliminate some charger.

with macbook
with macsafe adapter, please check which version of macsafe you use first.
with G405s
this is lenovo carbon adapter, good for many late thinkpad too.

for some advices from me, the adapter is good, however, I think if you want to buy daily universal charger, with no micro usb in your life I recommended this instead.