see you tomorrow

it’s hk movies. love some quote so i show them here.

It’s an endless game

of being left for dead and born anew.

If you can’t get it,
it wasn’t yours to have.

You can’t let go because
you’re not willing to.

Losing love hurts,

but losing someone who
doesn’t love you,

where’s the tragedy in that?

You can still fall in love
with someone else.

It’s said that Destiny
like a chunk of ice.

Hold it in your hand and you’ll see.

It actually goes like this,
Destiny is ice.
I embraced it.

The ice changed.
Then I knew.
It was not destined to be.

You think that by holding on
it will stay forever?

Holding on hurts.
Don’t let go, and it’s gone,
all the same.

Does holding so tight really help?
Did you think it was destined to be?
When actually there was nothing.

Loving deeply isn’t wrong.
The love that’s truly meant for you
shouldn’t hurt like ice.
It should warm like a cup of tea.

Time marches on,
with no end, only crossroads.
Don’t ever give up.

I’m a person with no tomorrow,

but I hope that everyone else has theirs.

So long as this light flashes,
I’ll keep on ferrying.

It’s not about karma.
It’s just by choice.

I still reflect on the past,
but I don’t linger there.
Because I know that
one day
We’ll see each other
at the end of the road.