strenghten security of Windows XP

do you ever wonder why windows xp is every easy to be infected by virus?

why just plug the thumb drive and you got the virus?

why living with windows xp need to format every 3 months?

why osx and linux ain’t infected by virus?

this tips will help you prevent some major holes in windows xp.

no need to patch, no need expensive tools; all you need is just try to understand what happen with your system.

understand what happen when you plug in thumbdrive (usb drive, flash drive,…)

when you plug in flash drive; windows xp will

1. if it’s the first time for you to plug in thumbdrive, windows xp will try to install the driver for that.

assign volume to.

2. after the drive loaded volume ( as e:, f:, g: …) windows will check the autorun.inf on the root of that drive.

(this also true for the cd or dvd too)

3. windows will load autorun.inf script and check with the script that point by autorun.inf.

to fix that

1. cut the process of autorun.inf

2. disable script on your machine.

3. set the authority that can install and change system parameters.

what happen with me while loaded the pages., there are many pop up windows;  sometimes some pop up said that i’m infected by virus and need to pay money to remove that.

you are infected by the holes of your browser; the website that you visited or the shareware that you loaded are the cause of this problems.

all you paid to the pop up that you see were only the ransom to your privacy; but even you paid them off you will get more and more serious problems.

so what can i do?

change the browser; internet explorer (or specific ie6) has too many security holes; and even the updates version of internet explorer still get some serious security holes.

to prevent that you have two major choices. change your browser; or change your browser preferences. but what you should not do. pay that ransom.

my email has many spam, i can hardly read what i should to.

this problems separated in to 2 minor problems; one is your email piracy, and second your email security.

email piracy is some what you already published your email somewhere that many can reach; that sometimes need to.

email security is somewhat more complicated; it depended on both you and your services provider setting to make them easily to breach.

what can i do with that? it’s really un-efficient for me to delete all that all the time

for the first problem you can do nothing; you already published that some how, some what and some where.

the only choice left is set the filter spam email (spam assassin or junk mail filter) to prevent most spamming email at port.

that may help you somehow.

for more precisely solution for each one please check the updated of this blog. for now big headed already ><

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