talk about David Allen self help book

literally, i just listened to only 2 audiobook of him “getting thing done”; or also know as GTD and the later version of that book making it all work.

as my opinion, i think both ok in some aspect, it looks so promised and better near our life than napoleon hills’ .

the best of all GTD can also apply on everything that passed to our mind, our concerned;

on work, play, hobby travel and all that related to our thinking.

for more about the detail, as i can say it short;

GTD and its second version about capturing everything that passed through your mind

collecting in some manner or throw away, then clarified what to for that.

and in the end: storing or passing it through for next access.


the promised of “next action” and “someday maybe” also make me feel that everything can be easy or hard; in the same manner, depend only on your mind.