the books i’m immediate recognized;

as Weerawat Weera tagged me about the books i’m immediate recognized;
this all the listed;

1. Words Of Science And The History Behind Them
by Isaac Asimov
this book was my first love to the reading, most all before my reading of this book were about dinosaurs; this book made me open my own eyes about how beautiful sciences can be with the synthetic kind of definition. a must for all science learners.

2. /3. I love organized system, in the same time I love to see how change can do with all the good and bad. the process oriented/services, product oriented kaizen is all the things i interest for this very year.
the book
Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip Heath, Dan Heath
this is my first to get in the new world of see somethings for somethings else and quite a better view in my opinion; i took my time twice with this; first on books; real book and second with audiobook and this is my first audiobook i had with my long journey

Faster Cheaper Better: The 9 Levers for Transforming How Work Gets Done

this book quite good and really practical another a must.

4./5. Jonathan Haidt’s books
The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom
The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion
are the good books; but feel like the first one more; may be it’s my bias overcome.
first one seem more clear, smooth and sound point through; unlike the second one for me some part look too clutters and cannot pick a point on.

6./7. as i wrote down on my twitter profiles; i’m GTP apostle. what is GTD?
gtd is the books full name is getting thing done by David Allen and it’s sibling

to describe what good on this; may be i need all of my life to try to apply everything and improve everything with this concept. so if you want some more organized ideas try them.

8./9.I think many may wrote all about George Orwell books
for me also i think this both is the precious in their kinds
Animal farms and 1984.
hope all of my friends here read them both all; so i won’t try to describe how good of them hereby.

10. if you added my diary as a book then i added that as the last one;
most i wrote in evernote and spiral notebook to keep my ideas flow. but no link here.

for tagged next 10 persons I choose the kinds that I’m interesting in their tastes: so you have the home work;