the failure that many made while using antivirus.

these are just some that i found you can add more if you think it should be.


1. more antivirus meant better performance.

– more antivirus meant more many resources are using. plus many antivirus will malfunction when work with others. more than that it seems the performance is very downgrade after two antivirus run at the same time.

2. paid version antivirus is better than free version. then we should use crack paid version.

– you knew that cracked are the most problem of the security compromising? when you put some cracked on system, it meant your security are breached. and what problem more is the engine of antivirus is not up to date, even the data of antivirus is. that always the pain in the ass.

3. i have best antivirus that passed 4 computer magazine reviews as “editor’s choice”, so i need no fear of virus.

– even with very good antivirus system, your system still need some caution on using internet. trojans, malwares worms and other buggy still can make you problems. read before install programs. don’t paranoid when some program pop-up and say you’re infected. then try check on other source that you are really infected or be hoaxed by ransom programs. that may be harder and harder to identify which program is real and which is hoax. but for better look and work out will help.

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