The quality of leadership that i liked and hated

this all is my opinion, pure opinion. you agreed and think same, smiles, if not discuss is always opened.

The quality i like for leadership

1. No nothing, or at least pretended to know nothing.

why? at least the one that know nothing try really hard to hear from others.

2. Mindful, none of arrogant.

come from not as high as the noble? great, i believe in normal and simple. people that comes from the sky know nothing about earth and never try to learn at all.

3. You are no master, you are just coordinator.

the leader that try to order all people all the time seem not good leader in my opinion.

4. Lead by heart, not by point things out.

the leader in my opinion should understand others feel, mere human, not the very good soul from somewhere in the sky.

5. Not the very strong, magnificent that make all subordinates can only nod and accepted.


the leadership kind that i hated

1. try to act like they know everything, especially the one that already be the leader and prove nothing about his words, so why we waste time with that kind of leader?

let put them in the trash.

2. so many thing to be proud of. high education, come from the noble families, never do wrong. all of that for me meant only they are fixed mindset. cannot improve themselves anymore. and wait only to dump to trash.

3. Point out everything. but never did it. same as the first but just swap the important meant.

4. Lead like by law, order, or anything that make them seem the good side and other as bad.

5. Very strong magnificent, and have no spaces for other to discuss of their mistakes.