Windows XP x64 (SE)

This is the look of mine. Unlike no theme in Beta.

This theme name is “Aero black” for StyleXP.

Thanks to UXTheme Multi-Patcher from WindowsX, you can download his incredible work from

This is only prove to make that “This is launched version” .
Notice that name be “Professional x64 Edition

See the Start Menu? I love black theme.
Huh? Ok that’s not the point.

You can see that the menu as same as Windows 32 bit.
So no need to be a worrywart.

Yep It’s lookalike Dock in OSX.
And it name is objectdock.
So if you are interesting in Something like this.
Follow this link.

Outpost Security Suite Pro;
Great for all part. A must for a kind that need firewall badly.

Itunes work as fine as in Windows XP 32 bit.

If you love a kind of swapping in OSX,
then now I present you Topdesk.
TopDesk work as Expose in OSX
download this here

Unlike Maxthon Firefox has no cool black theme that I like.
So ifox is my most favorable one

I love to use Maxthon more than Internet Explorer.
Notice the black theme that flawlessly go with Windows theme.
Hah, can say nothing.
You can download Maxthon by

Daemon is great to replace Neroimagedrive that cannot run on X64 bit environment while Neroburn still ok.
So going to Daemon by

For whomever wonder about Windows media player.
They can play smoothly on both except for Firefox.
You need to down load Windows Media Player plugin for Netscape (wmpplugin.exe).
Following the link below. … lugin.aspx