Windows XP x64

Have you ever feel that what is 64 bit CPU?
Any advantages that using the 64 bit?

Do you ever feel that you system is not stable. Why Apple OSX is faster than yours, even you see that al l the specs is same.

Trying 64 bit version of Windows XP make me feel that XP still a good one, and it’s great ideas to move to 64 bit.

For whom that don’t know, normally most windows XP that installed in your PC or notebook is 32 bit. Including Vista.

Windows XP separates its subsystem in to two; first is 64 bit native subsystem, and second is 32 bit tradition one. Forget all about 16 bit emulation, you cannot do that here.

The system separately stores application in two major folders: For tradition 32 bit store in “Program files (x86) and for native 64 bit in “Program files”. That meant some program that can let Windows x64 emulate it to be 64 native will store in both.

The major problems that I can see now; firstly I cannot use Nero imagedrive and Zonealarms suites. So I’m using Daemon as Virtual Drive and Outpost as Security suites. Thirdly some driver cannot be using like Webcam and most of old driver, Ha, Okay I will bought new one soon.

As I see now, My system hardly crash on attacking. Even nuke, nor DDOS it jsut appeared as alert on my screen on even which IP address attacking.

Outpost is working flawlessly as Zonealarms let me handle all my hacking tools, that meant I can using it behind my trustworthy firewall. No more two edge sword.

I will show my all progress here soon.