educational on option

i wish i can have some sort of long thinking everyday, so i try to do all-out-ideas here.

this may only my expectation; but i wish i can tell my children that i am all against special classes that you have to learn all topic same as what you have learned on normal classes.

this may only my opinion….

why you have to study for study? your life is so that empty?

why won’t you find your inspiration? what you want to for whole life for living? but only study for better grade?

that so ironics that i can’t understand why many parents fill the emptiness by more holes in it?

you want your child so empty by putting something like that to your child?; the empty loyalness, the empty english
ability that never work in realĀ  life? the empty knowledge of history that bring them nowhere but conflict? the empty logics? the empty ability of know only rules, right but no duty and self discipline? the empty moral but don’t know what really meant of self respect and human equality?

i doubt how many blank that some can put on others like that, and that wonder always still.

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