Pomodoro planner

in case you want to read more about Pomodoro or

in short pomodoro is technic for very short productive time. in case you have only 2 hours work block time each day:

select one main task first, write down your main task and focus only this task without any interrupt for 20 minutes period: we call this 20 minutes = 1 bubble.

for each bubbles you can do other thing in break time for 5 minutes periods before back to focus on your main task for 5 bubbles. (20+5+20+5+20+5+20+5+20 = 120 minutes)

some people like to use bubble in circle fashion, while i think star is more easy for me each star leg represent 20% of my focus, if i do bad on the focus i can reduce my point by not fully shadow all the leg but some.

you can repeat on second and addition tasks the same manner but do not put to much work on pomodoro. this one is for focused work, not work list.

you can have my template in two form landscapes and portraits version. enjoy your planning.