self confirmation

from my old blog Self assessment now this is the continued of that one.

i wrote about self assessment, to list all of the things/thinks you like, and in the same time things/thinks you don’t like;

and list all that by reverse all don’t to be do. now this time let do another step; self confirmation.

let read all the thinks/things you like, list priority, you can try the first priority give 1 the least give 100 and after finished circle the group of most priority for you.

after read all priority ones, in positive from, what you think with that? unobtainable? impossible? sound crazy? false? incapable?

try think like this;

firstly, you already know what you want list only priority ones in the new list, give the percent of progress by far from the target that you are satisfy, from 1 to 100, do till complete all list.

you can see at least you have some progress, i don’t think you will wrote all 0% on all of that.

try to write all possibility of how to archive what you wish to from easiest to hardest;

try each of your ideas, one by one if possible, write down the progress better or worse?

if better refine your ideas to make it more better, if worse, try another approach.

now you are one the process of continuous confirm that what all you wish can come true.


Congratulation for whom that know which way to go,

and live the life to the fullest